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25 Ways To Use A Magic Eraser

I can't believe I had never heard of a magic eraser up until a few months ago, and if you hadn't until now you're going to wonder why you haven't used one sooner! I couldn't believe the results after one use and the fact that you don't need to use any chemicals with them just water is also a bonus! The magic eraser is an abrasive foam sponge. It requires minimum effort to use although you may need a little elbow grease for stubborn stains but it does wonders!

You can buy them from most supermarkets and pound shops however I bulk buy them on eBay or Amazon. I tend to buy a pack of 10 or wait a little longer for a pack of 100 which take a couple of weeks to arrive but they work out cheaper. I only wish I had discovered these sooner!

Here are 25 uses for a magic eraser:

1. Getting marks/drawings off walls (rub gently as will be abrasive on the paint)

2. Cleaning a leather sofa and get rid of tough stains

3. Get perminate marker off surfaces

4. Removing red wine stains off carpet (rub gently)

5. Clean the interior of car

6. Clean any marks off your TV

7. Scuffs on doors or skirting boards

8. Remove cellotapeand sticker residue

9. Get rid of tough marks in bath

10. Remove grease and stains off glassware and pots and pans

11. Clean your keyboard

12. Clean oven glass

13. The soles of your shoes

14. Remove coffee or tea stains in your mugs

15. Leave your mirrors looking sparking clean

16. Remove grout from the shower bath or sink tiles

17. Cleaning your stove top and backsplash

18. Clean out your microwave

19. Remove hair dye or dried nail polish stains from bath tub, floor, furniture

20. Remove rust or grime from bath tub or other surfaces

21. Get foundation stains out of carpet

22. Clean your fryer or actifryer and remove grease

23. Clean your windows

24. Cleaning tough stains from your fridge

25. Getting stains out of the fish tank

The uses are endless!

Do you have any other secret uses for the Magic Eraser?! Let me know below!


  1. Guess I will have to add this to my grocery list, sounds like a very useful cleaning item.

  2. I love Magic Erasers. This post is awesome. I love to use them on my shoes!

    - Elise

  3. They're for sure my bath tub go-to! Hadn't ever though of using them inside the car too!

  4. I LOVE magic erasers!! Been using them for sooo many things for years - you'll never go back now lol

  5. Wow! It's summer break and I got a few of these in the kitchen...I'm thinking I can put the little people to work. LOL. Great tips!

  6. LOVE the magic eraser. It really is magic, right?!

  7. Okay well you sure can get alot of uses out of it.

  8. What?!?! I never knew it could be used for so many things! I need to buy one. I don't think I have one in the house!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  9. I agree, they really are great!

  10. Wow. I didn't know you could use them to remove hair dye. We used to use them in restaurants to get crayon off tables and walls. Never used them for much other than that.

  11. I LOVE my magic erasers! I used one to save y favorite pot that my husband took up camping and turned black.

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